Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The kennedys..and the Clinton's are like cockroaches. You never can get rid of them.

What’s the matter with you people……She is a Kennedy, which means she can absolutely do nothing wrong. She is entitled to this senate seat by her name alone.
The Kennedys are anointed and blessed by a Higher Power, they know more than everyone else, they are better than everyone else, they are entitled to lead our people. Now please stop speculating on what qualifies a Kennedy or anyone else to be in a public office, next thing some will start demanding voters take an intelligence test before being allowed to vote. Just because New York is in debt many billions and run by Democrats is no reason to draw any conclusions, and they same goes for California. Just pay your taxes, shut up and let our betters alone, they should not have to suffer your always watching every move they make. Remember you are their subjects, people, know your place!!!


  1. Like? How about are? They do nasty things to people, like drown them, but they never go away.

  2. What's the matter with YOU, NY Gal?

    You STOLE this post from the comment section of Pajamas Media! Comments #5 & #8!

    You are a FRAUD! and a PLAGIARIZER!