Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Will Al Franken Steal Minnesota?

If he “wins” Frankin will be just another Pelosi useful idiot. Oh, I know, Pelosi is in the House. But she has a useful idiot at the head of the Senate and his job is to deliver the other useful idiots.

I am flabbergasted that enough Minnesotans voted for Stuart Smalley to even make this close. (I know Minnesota has some screwy election laws like same-day registration, and I know ACORN was all over this, but still!)

I have lost all respect for the state of Minnesota


  1. Franken has never been successful at anything. He has a history of failure, and now the only success he will have had is cheating the people of Minnesota out of an election. I lost respect for Minnesota in 1984. They were the only state that Mondale carried. I think that says it all.

  2. Brooke,

    Yes, I believe he will, unfortunately. I certainly agree with Clay Bowler above, Frankenstein is a loser of teh worst order, & the only way he can "win" is to cheat & steal. What I can't imagine is that he can get away with it (for now!)

    BTW, Am I mistaken, or are you a fellow Cincinnati Bengals fan? If I'm wrong, disregard that last question!