Friday, December 12, 2008

Senator Kennedy From New York? Are You Kidding?

Does Caroline Kennedy for Senate thing not prove, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the Democrats are the party of elite privilege?

Has Caroline Kennedy ever run a business? No. Has she ever run for office? No. Has she confronted corruption in her own party? No Has she ever had to worry about keeping to a budget or confronting any of the challenges middle class Americans face? Heavens, no.

No, her sole qualification is her blood-connection to America’s elite political aristocracy. 232 years after the Declaration of Independence, we’re back to this: government by royalty.

Granted, she is fully qualified to do what a senate Democrat is expected to do; display constant, fawning obeisance to the Dear Leader. Any other Democrat appointed by Gov. Paterson would do the same. Picking Caroline Kennedy just demonstrates, once again, the contempt of the Democrat party toward ordinary, working Americans.

Sweet Caroline Kennedy had lunch with Al Sharpton at Sylvia’s in Harlem yesterday. What better evidence that she is “of the people” do you bigots need?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Will Al Franken Steal Minnesota?

If he “wins” Frankin will be just another Pelosi useful idiot. Oh, I know, Pelosi is in the House. But she has a useful idiot at the head of the Senate and his job is to deliver the other useful idiots.

I am flabbergasted that enough Minnesotans voted for Stuart Smalley to even make this close. (I know Minnesota has some screwy election laws like same-day registration, and I know ACORN was all over this, but still!)

I have lost all respect for the state of Minnesota

The kennedys..and the Clinton's are like cockroaches. You never can get rid of them.

What’s the matter with you people……She is a Kennedy, which means she can absolutely do nothing wrong. She is entitled to this senate seat by her name alone.
The Kennedys are anointed and blessed by a Higher Power, they know more than everyone else, they are better than everyone else, they are entitled to lead our people. Now please stop speculating on what qualifies a Kennedy or anyone else to be in a public office, next thing some will start demanding voters take an intelligence test before being allowed to vote. Just because New York is in debt many billions and run by Democrats is no reason to draw any conclusions, and they same goes for California. Just pay your taxes, shut up and let our betters alone, they should not have to suffer your always watching every move they make. Remember you are their subjects, people, know your place!!!